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The Following are the major targets for IDEAS-TIH

1. Technology Development

  • (a) IP, Licensing, Patents etc.
    (b) Technology Products
    (c) Publications, IPR and other Intellectual activities
    (d) Increase in CPS Research Base


2. Entrepreneurship Development

  • (a) Technology Business Incubator (TBI)
    (b) Start-ups & Spin-off companies
    (c) GCC - Grand Challenges & Competitions
    (d) Promotion and Acceleration of Young and Aspiring technology entrepreneurs (PRAYAS)
    (e) CPS-Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR)
    (f) Dedicated Innovation Accelerator (DIAL)
    (g) CPS-Seed Support System (CPS-SSS)
    (h) Job Creation


3. Human Resource Development

  • (a) Graduate Fellowships
    (b) Post Graduate Fellowships
    (c) Doctoral Fellowships
    (d) Faculty Fellowships
    (e) Chair Professors
    (f) Skill Development


4. International Collaborations


5. Deliverables

  • (a) Smart camera based surveillance systems
    (b) Medical diagnostic, and non-invasive therapeutic schemes for smart health care
    (c) Recommender system (social data)
    (d) Environment and climate monitoring system
    (e) IoT based precision farming

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