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Ongoing Projects
Project Title
Project Investigator(s)
Detecting behavioural health disorders of older adults using self supervised learning and casual reasoning
Prof. Sandip Chakraborty (PI) IIT Kharagpur Prof. Suchetana Chakraborty (Co-PI) IIT Jodhpur
Prof. Nirmalya Roy University of Baltimore County
Learning Time-Varying Network Structure from Sparse Epidemiological Data
Prof. Ashish Ranjan Hota (PI) IIT Kharagpur
Prof. Philip E. Par Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA
Integration of Multiomics Data using Deep Neural Networks: Feature Extraction, Association Mining, Big Data Realization and Privacy Preservation
Prof. Rajat K. De (PI) Indian Statistical institute, Kolkata Prof. Pradipta Maji (Co-PI) Indian Statistical institute, Kolkata
Dr. Yevgeniy Vorobeychik Washington University in St. Louis
Data Driven Learning to Cache in Large Network
Prof. Abhishek Sinha (PI) Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai
Mohammad Hajiesmaili University of Massachusetts Amherst
Networked Adaptive Traffic Signal Control in IoT-Enabled Smart Cities
Prof. Dhish Kumar Saxena (PI) IIT Roorkee Prof. Amit Agarwal (Co-PI) IIT Roorkee Prof Ashish Ghosh (Co-PI) ISI Kolkata
Gill Zussman Columbia University
Software Reliability and Security Risk Assessment: Modelling and Algorithms
Prof. Susmita Ghosh (PI) Jadavpur University Prof. Jamuna Kanta Singh (Co-PI) Jadavpur University Prof Ashish Ghosh (Co-PI) ISI Kolkata
Prof. Lance Fiondella University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
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Spoke Projects
Project Title
PI / Mentor
Data Curation for video surveillance and precision agriculture datasets
Vahida Attar COEP
Development of data science methods for cyber-physical system. Sub Projects are listed below.
Swapan Kumar Ghorai BITS MESRA
Design of IOT enabled System for Precision Agriculture using AI based supervisory algorithm on cloud computing platform
Dr. Aftab Alam
Indigenous development of low-cost AI enabled portable multispectral camera system for rapid early detection of plant diseases and other stress based morphological changes
Dr. Raju Poddar, Dr. Kunal Mukhopadhyay
Data-Driven Smart Energy Management of Micro-grid Based CPS for Rural Irrigation
Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar Mishra
Deep learning based health care framework for IOT based assistance of Alzheimer's patients
Dr. S. S. Tripathy, Dr. Priyank Saxena
Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) enabled Electric Wheelchair control for Neurorehabilitation
Dr. Manoj Kumar Mukul, Co-PI: Dr. Aminul Islam
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