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Call is now open to apply for the Entrepreneurs-in- Residence (EIR) fellowship programme of IDEAS TIH.

Last Date of Application: 20th April 2024

What is the EiR programme?

Entrepreneurs-in- Residence (EIR) Programme is a fellowship program under IDEAS-TIH to inspire the best talents to be entrepreneurs, to minimise the risk involved in pursuing start- ups, and to partially set off their opportunity costs of high paying jobs. The EIR programme provides tremendous opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs in the domain on Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Curation and Data Analytics to expand their networks and get critical feedback on their ventures in order to promote their entrepreneurial career goals and aspirations.

The opportunities under the EIR Programme include:

  • Fellowship grant of up to Rs 30,000 per month for a period of 1 year

  • Opportunity to work from the IDEAS TIH Incubation Center at ISI Kolkata

  • Guidance from experienced, innovative and highly successful entrepreneurs on the business concept, strategy or venture and insight into specific industries or markets.

  • Best practices for starting a business and broaden the professional network.

  • Co-working spaces for developing the idea into a marketable product.


The Programme thus encourages enterprising individuals to venture out and pursue daring entrepreneurial ideas as well as enhances the quantity and quality of startups.

How to apply:

Fill up this form and submit. IDEAS TIH conducts interview from time to time to determine your eligibility and willingness to join this programme. If you don't hear from us, please contact through the email shown below.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The EIR applicant should be citizen of India. An Indian citizen is defined as one who is in possession of a government approved proof of nationality such as a valid passport, voter’s id etc.

  • The EIR applicant should have completed (a) minimum 4 years of formal full time undergraduate/post graduate education towards one or more degree programme. Basic degree or diploma should be in science or engineering; OR (b) a 3 years degree or diploma program and have 2 year full time work experience post degree or diploma. Basic degree or diploma should be in science or engineering.

  • The EIR is expected to be committed to exploring a business idea in the domain of Data Science, Data Analytics and Data Curation. Typical EIR needing the support is a first generation innovative entrepreneur, who has no prior source of income. EIR support recipient should not treat this support as a stop gap arrangement to support them in their academic pursuits or transition between jobs.

  • EIR seeking the support should demonstrate his/her ability to build a scalable technology business startup in the technology domain of IDEAS. The background of the EIR needs to be provided in the application form.

  • The EIR support recipient should propose one technology business idea in the application form

  • EIR support recipient are expected to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations full time. EIR cannot be concurrent with any other education program, remunerating assignment or fellowship.

  • EIR support recipient cannot be the promoter or significant (>10%) share holder / beneficiary of another company at the time of applying for and after receiving the grant approval

  • The EIR should be registered for the pre-incubation or incubation program at IDEAS TIH for the entire duration of EIR support.

  • Entrepreneurs pursuing business ideas with no or marginal technology innovation or those with very short journey (i.e less than 6 months) to commercialization are discouraged to apply.

What’s after 1 year?

  • Once the Minimum Viable Product is built, the entrepreneurs can apply to onboard on the Incubation program of the IDEAS TIH for further scaling and growth.

  • The participants shall be able to apply for other support programs as well, but not participate in any more than one program at a given time.

Notification of EiR (ADV/ISI/IDEAS-TIH/2023-24/42)

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